: the united colours of Africa

website and content portal which was launched on April 1st 2000. It is a free platform for African Jazz, uBuntu and Music education that has birthed many creative projects that have empowered many people, such as archive Africa, dancing with the diaspora, wondergigs, Goema Captains of Cape Town,  Story of South African Jazz and to the Peace on Earth.

about struan douglas 

Struan Douglas was born in Umhlanga Rocks Kwa Zulu Natal to Tessa and Robert Douglas in 1976. His early years were dedicated to sport. A near death experience in 1988 shifted his interests from sports to humanities. After graduating from UCT (University of Cape Town South Africa) with honours in religions of the east and philosophy. He worked as a freelance journalist specialising in South African jazz and African music since 1999.

inspiring quotations

"There is what I would call the hero's journey ... to bring forth in his life something that was never beheld before." Jospeh Campbell

"If we want a firm foundation in morality, we must supply the soul with fuel in the form of knowledge of the truth." Rudolf Steiner

"We recognise the harmony of the cosmos and we find that everything lives in music." Rudolf Steiner

"There is no absolute truth. Each truth has its particular mission at a certain time." Rudolf Steiner

"Knowledge of the world, is knowledge of the self." Rudolf Steiner

"Vibrations of a refined intuitive faculty are able to soar above time and space, thus beyond the limit of comprehension by the earthly intellect." Abd Ru Shin

"Literal interpretation creates separation whereas symbolic interpretation brings us together." Caroline Meiss

"The path is called straight, without fear is the destination, the carriage is called silent and its wheels are right effort." Buddha

"Ascension is a process of self-awareness and mastery on all levels'; “it is a simple key, my friends. It is the key of meditation, or as this instrument has described, the activity of inner listening. Life and love come to you from within. For within each of you is the spark of the Creator. Try to remember, my friends, what you already know: that all men are brothers, that love and consciousness dwell in everything, that all that is around you is alive and part of the creation which is love. The Creator is an infinite and invisible flow of love. In meditation and in conscious thought, call upon that infinite supply.”AN