Struan Douglas in car

struan douglas was founded by Struan Douglas. He was born in Umhlanga Rocks Kwa Zulu Natal to Tessa and Robert Douglas in 1976. His early years were dedicated to sport. A near death experience in 1988 shifted his interests from sports to humanities. After graduating from UCT (University of Cape Town South Africa) with honours in religion and philosophy, he worked as a freelance journalist specialising in South African jazz and African music since 1999. was launched on April 1st 2000. It is a free platform for African Jazz, uBuntu and Music education that has birthed many empowering creative projects such as Archive Africa, Dancing with the Diaspora, The Wondergigs, Goema Captains of Cape Town and Story of South African Jazz. To the Peace on Earth was launched in 2019 and Story of South African Jazz Volume 2.