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Music embodies the power of the now and the spirit of ubuntu, In Africa it is music that stopped the war in Casamans and it is music that stopped the spread of disease in Senegal. Music is one of our most powerful weapons toward ourselves and a vision of ourselves as sharing, peaceful beings of ‘higher' intent. And music is blessed mostly by the support it receives to get instruments to those that require, rehearsal spaces, performances spaces and collaborative learning experiences all the way round. Networks of families, friends, organisations and governing bodies sharing in the joy and laughter that music inevitably creates through funding and support is helping us all express the beautiful music within.

for afribeat music recordings :
To the Peace on Earth: From Moses Molelekwa's Finding Oneself to ANANDAs University of Celebration, the mystery of death and the meaning of life is lived in the present. Told through the democracy era of Musical Energy Loud Truth (MELT) Beyond 2000AD and the many shamans that provided for projections to manifest!
The STORY of South African Jazz ' Volume One is a compilation of interviews and articles divided into primary sections, of  Xhosa Africa Cape Jazz  and then the 5 rays of SA Jazz being, ‘The Golden era' The Age of Exile,' The Age of Experimentation, The Age of Examination, until today which is all the rays combined in a fifth ray which is a nameless ray of South African Jazz and an age of celebration grown through all influences and still built on a foundation of Xhosa Africa Cape Jazz.
Jim Bailey : Airborne to Africa
A posthumurous celebration of the work of a great friend to many. Re-presented in honour of Jim's love of life. May your whimsical words sweep through the hearts of all the friends you made and may there be many more friends warmed by your generous spirit of abundance.
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The New South Africa and the friends around her:
A collection of poetry that offers a unique perspective from a unique man who lived a life like no other. Jim was the son of Sir Abe Bailey, an English gold and land baron in South Africa. This collection of Jim Bailey’s poetry is a crucial perspective that awakens the reader to the thrilling abundance of Southern Africa and all the friends around her. Compassion and love exists, is lived and experienced.
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Graham Michael Lesch's SHADOWS OF JUSTICE (2007) :
This is an autobiographical work of non fiction. It is educational 'history from the other side' of South Africa's fascist past. The authors experience and life story came through a tremendous amount of suffering and torture. Yet the author died with a tremendous amount of love, compassion and forgiveness. What was the struggle all about, he asked? Graham learnt to read after the age of thirty .
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Spirit Reality : Book of transcripts 2012
All the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. During May the presenters gathered around the topic of MEGALITHOMANIA and provided an outpuring of all the secrets revealed in studies of the ancient ruins of the world. & UFO, CONSCIOUSNESS and SCIENCE. These presentation have been transcribed and editted as a service offered to the presenters, organisers, delegates, to the many speakers festival goers
The Art of Law :
Dr Johan of the family and community Joubert , a veterinary scientist presents words of wisdom on the system, its legalese and ways around that. Unlimited potential is the way of the human being and knowing more about the way the financial and political systems operate will give you power, strength and courage to operate your own to your fullest potential.
adam knight ...
POETRY BOOK : CRYPTIC CYNIC & Happy Landings on Space Ship Earth ....
Adams sense of humour brings spiritual philosophy and practical solutions into the consciousness of all who have the pleasure to enjoy these works.
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