Dancing with the Diaspora
Dancing with the Diaspora Pan African festival circuit links festivals and initiatives from South, East, West, North and Central Africa ......


The story starts with ancient times in a modern era Princess Marimba & the living legacy of Hugh Tracey
Honed and harnessed traditional instruments of the Bushmen of the Kalahari
Early Kwa Zulu Natal makes an impact From Shembe to Maskanda
Futurism with the new management agency Black Major
Community Outreach with the travelling party Wired 4 Sound


South America Joyce ; Susana Baca
Southern Africa Stella Chirweshe ; Bholoja
Australia / Africa Blk Jesus Experience ; Mr Monk
South Africa Madala Kunene ; Mabi Thobejane ; Madosini ; Princess Magoga
Nigeria Kalakuti
Senegal Taran Cissoko
Burundi Khadja Nin

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