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In 2000 with the support of British Airways, Douglas travelled to Europe for a month to explore the jazz festival network operating between Denmark, Holland and London.

In 2001 as guest of ministry of Arts and Culture Zimbabwe and Congo Brazzaville, afribeat.com attended the music festival of FESPAM. The festival had previously intervened during a war across borders. When the arms were dropped they were never lifted again : President Sassou Nguesso spent two weeks hiding in the roof of his palace during the unscheduled invasion from Kinshasa across the river (20KM). Congo Brazzavile has a 70% natural forestation that you must receive signed permission from the president to access! It is French speaking, "braza la belle, brazz le joliie."

In 2002 with support from SAA, afribeat.com attended MASA biennial festival and music market in Abidjan. It is at the cultural crossroads of West Africa, and the convergence of Pan-African performing arts. The beautiful city is transformed into a place where musicians from all over this diverse and fascinating continent can come together in showcasing their expressions with dignity and pride.

After building much content in Cape Town around the goema music of the Western Cape, Douglas continued to Durban where he built many cultural experiences around the Zulu tradition and the historic cultural meeting points of Durban. He also continued his long term exploration into Mozambiquean music establishing partnerships and friendships with Marrabenta, Timbila and One Ocean festivals.

In 2017 with support of the German visitors programme Struan Douglas travelled to Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen to explore the musicians, festivals, initiatives and developments and exciting new trends in music and artitsic sustainability, history, architecture and exposure to the Eureopean Jazz festival collaboratives and networks.

Cultural Activism

Struan Douglas is a Pan African travel journalist: portfolio here

Since 2000 Struan Douglas as afribeat.com has presented on the benefits to an inclusive festival network on the African continent linking festivals and initiatives from South, East, West, North and Central Africa ......

afribeat.com produced the Cape Town Maputo Festival in 2002 at the OudeLibertas ampitheate in Cape Towto spread the magic of music through cultural exchange. It was a once-off with a huge vision to link Cape Town to Maputo, Cape Town to Cuba, to the Caribbean and to unite the city locally with Cape Town to Table Mountain, Cape Town to the Cape Flats, Cape Town to the Carnival, and so on.

A body of recordings were made at the Cape Town Maputo festival featuring Chico Antonio, Isaq Matuz, Zolani Mahola and the Goema Captains of Cape Town.

Pan African mobility and cultural exchange is exemplified in Southern Africa ... And is most prominent in the international jazz festival circuit ... Through extended research and development as a cultural journalist Douglas has documented the power festivals to create economic growth and human development.


A real guide to CULTURAL TRAVEL in Southern Africa : travel south africa through culture ::: afribeat.com
Maputo Marrabenta, Timbila & City very affordable
Durban Zulu Cultural Heritage & City very affordable
Johannesburg City and Urban renewal very affordable
Cape Town Jazz Festival & Community fair
Eastern Cape Arts Festival & Environment moderate
Tangier Beat History fair
Livingstone Vic Falls & Environment reasonable
festivals and initiatives
Southern Africa Igoda Festival Network reasonable
Cape Town International Jazz Festival fair
Mozambique Marrabenta Festival very affordable

Dancing with the Diaspora

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