Dancing with the Diaspora
The festival era ... Dancing with the Diaspora Pan African festival circuit links festivals and initiatives from South, East, West, North and Central Africa ...... Pan African mobility and cultural exchange ... Presenting the African Festival Network since 2000 ... and growing inter continental exchanges such as European Jazz:


African FIlm and Music Festival Network : JULY
Abidjan et Ougadouga 2001 Music to film voyage [ABIDJAN]
Dakar et Bamako 2000 Music [SENEGAL]
FESPAM Congo Brazzaville 2001 Music Peace [CONGO]
Cape Town International Film Festival & Market OCTOBER [CTIFFM]
Durban International Film Festival JULY [DIFF]
Juba International Film Festival JULY [JUBA]
Zanzibar International Film Festival JULY [ZIFF]
Sauti Se Busara Wisdom music Zanzibar FEBRUARY [SAUTI]
AwesomeAfrica KZN's premiere event [Awesome Africa]
Visit to Tangier 2017 Music and Literature [TANGIER]

IGODA Festival Network ... setting Southern Africa aligt with music ...
Igoda Music Festival Circuit Festival circuit Africa Month MAY [IGODA]
Bushfire Swaziland Swaziland [BUSHFIRE]
Africa Day festival Johannesburg [BASSLINE]
AZGO festival Maputo Maputo [AZGO]
Sakifi / Zakifo Reunion Island Durban [ZAKIFO]
Bayimba / Uganda Uganda Lake Kariba [DOADOA]
Harare International Festival of Arts 365 day festival YEAR ROUND [HIFA]

+ South Africa's National Festival Circuit in July : Read

A Growing Network in youth music culture :
AfrikaBurn Klein Karoo APRIL / MAY [AFRIKABURN]
Faku'gesi Tshimologong Precinct SEPTEMBER [FAKU]
Oppikoppi Hilltoplive presents AUGUST [OPPIKOPPI]
Rocking the Daisies Darling and "In the City." OCTOBER [RTD]
Rage Fest End of the year [G&G]

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