Dancing with the Diaspora
Africa enters the festival era ... Dancing with the Diaspora Pan African festival circuit links festivals and initiatives from South, East, West, North and Central Africa ...
... Celebrating Southern Africa with ... Dancing with the Diaspora ...
National Arts Festival Gateway to Eastern Cape JUNE [NAF]
Governments investment in festivals National Government festival programme [DAC]
Corporate investment in festivals Standard Bank culture programme [STB]
Cape Town International Jazz Festival The jewel in Cape Town's crown APRIL [Cape Town International Jazz Festival]
AwesomeAfrica KZN's premiere event JANUARY [Awesome Africa]
Arts Alive Cultural Heritage Month SEPTEMBER [Arts Alive]
Oppikoppi Hilltoplive presents AUGUST [OPPIKOPPI]
Rocking the Daisies Darling and "In the City." OCTOBER [RTD]
“Morejazz” Mozambique Innovative Luxory OCTOBER [MOREJAZZ]
“Marrabenta” Mozambique Cultural symbol [MARRABENTA]
Sauti Se Busara Wisdom music Zanzibar FEBRUARY [SAUTI]
Zanzibar International Film Festival Celebrating Pan African stories JULY [ZIFF]
Igoda Music Festival Circuit Festival circuit Africa Month MAY [IGODA]
Bushfire Swaziland Igoda [BUSHFIRE]
Africa Day festival Johannesburg Igoda [BASSLINE]
AZGO festival Maputo Igoda [AZGO]
Sakifi / Zakifo Reunion Island Durban Igoda [ZAKIFO]
Harare International Festival of Arts 365 day festival YEAR ROUND [HIFA]
Rage Fest End of the year [G&G]

Dancing with the Diaspora is a Pan African Initiative
Senegal From the griot culture ... [SENEGAL]
Congo Brazzaville The festival that manifested peace [FESPAM]
Abidjan From the fashion capital [MASA]
All African Music awards attempt of recognition and celebration [KORA]

Audiences and artists alike engage in the breadth and depth of South African music, whilst enjoying the welcome of the people and our uniting philosophy of “uBuntu” or togetherness.


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