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Johannesburg Joburg Jozi Egoli

Everybody gets their 15 minutes in Joburg

City known as a rite of passage. An energy, cosmopolitan life, multi-cultural melting pot of people, thriving commercial hub and creative scene catering for a diversity of tastes and experiences.

Publisher Laurice Tait says :

To be a true Joburger (while not my favorite term, it beats the competition) you have to believe that there's gold to be found and go after it. This city was built on the search for something elusive and precious. It's a place that enflames passions and has a distinct heartbeat. There is no slow lane. 

Joburg gets under your skin in the way of great cities of the world like New York and Tokyo. It's brash and alive, and with no mountain or sea, it's the people here who are the city's gold, citizens of the world who have made their home across the city, bringing the flavour and colour of where they come from to this dusty patch. One of Africa's most unique cities there's not much you can't find here, from little Ethiopia downtown to Cyrildene's Chinatown, the old Portuguese neighborhoods of the South of Joburg to West African Yeoville. Truly, many worlds in one place.  

Festival Director Roshnie Moonsammy thinks:

The energy  of the people , the cosmopolitan life … the mixture of Africa and the West … the Hybridity  of different cultures that makes Joburg unique. It is also the New York of Africa. Also  people in Joburg are very open to other people , in the workplace, community and to tourists. There is a genuine openness and acceptance of difference and diversity  in Joburg more than any other city in South Africa.  The people are beautiful,  there is colour and rhythm in the way they move, engage with you, dress.. and embrace difference.

Visit the Theatre: Joburg Theatre, Market Theatre, Orbit Jazz Club…, Check the programme at the Soweto Theatre,  have a meal in Parkhurst,  Visit Arts on Main, pop into the Apartheid Museum, Definitely take a drive to Cradle of Humankind,  Muldersdrift Meander,  if they have time visit the Sterkfontein Caves, Emmerentia  Park. ; lion park and Rhino park

The people give the city its energy and vibrancy and makes Joburg city people the most interesting in South Africa. The people also are affected by the pace of Joburg and the diversity  of opportunities that exist… in fact  the opportunities are in abundance in Joburg… comparable to most interesting cities in the world… Joburg is what you make of it and what it makes of you…

At the same time … Joburg  is not too large to contain  you … because of the network of people and organisation … you  never need to feel alone in Joburg  or an island… there are always  networks of people and communities to embrace and share as well as challenge your  world … and its views… …In fact for ordinary people … especially those with energy and attitude … the pillars of  power  and social life seem very accessible in Joburg… Government,  Con Court,  Courts, Police,  The banking ,Health, Universities, schools,  parks ,  ha ha ha and Prison life…

Of course being  a local has its advantages…but at the same time even if you were not a local, it all about the energy  and  openness you have to engaging with Joburg and its people . You don't have to be born in Joburg to  reap its   benefits of community and people , industry opportunities.,  industry networks.. unlike other places.. Joburg is what  you want to make of it and what you allow it to make of you.

Market Theatre Director Ismail Mohammed:

Newtown is home to the Market Theatre. With more than 350 awards and a 41-year history the Market Theatre is celebratory of its past, anchored to the present and visionary about its future. The Market Theatre remains at the forefront of producing and presenting cutting edge work that has an authentic African artistic voice and which is inclusive of the rich tapestry of African diversity. Newtown is a meeting point for diverse cultures and exciting innovation.

It is here where a visitor can brush shoulders with artists working in a range of genres including theatre, dance, music, film and graffiti art. Nestled between the old buildings are bronze statues of two of South Africa's most iconic artists, pop diva Brenda Fassie and the jazz muso Kippie Mooeketsi.

A vibrant addition to the Newtown precinct is the architecturally modern Market Square which is home to the Market Theatre Laboratory and the Market Photo Workshop. Across the road from the Mary Fitzgerald Square is the Worker's Museum and the Sci Bono Museum. A visit to Newtown could be fully day of inspiration, education and entertainment.

The Annual Johannesburg Arts Alive International Festival :

Beginning in 1992, Arts Alive was borne out of the transformational phase of South Africa and provides a dramatic and dynamic journey through the vibrant, diverse and evocative African city from an African Diaspora perspective.

Glen Mosokoane, director of the cultural development unit in government said, “ Arts Alive brought to South Africa a lot of music we could not otherwise see.”

South Africans were introduced to African artists from the continent in the mid to late 90s with musicians like Salif Keita, Baba Maal, Cesaria Evora, Youssou N'Dour, Oumou Sangare, Oliver Mtukundzi and Cheikh Lo coming for the festival.

“Johannesburg is undoubtedly a melting pot for everything African. The character of the city has completely morphed to a true African character to the extent that it's difficult to distinguish a pure South African accent from that from outside the borders. From Maboneng to Yeoville, Alexandra Township to Hillbrow, African culture permeates everyday life of a Joburger,” says, director of Moshito, Sipho Sithole. content portal : quote the source © 2013 Struan Douglas of AFRIBEAT.COM
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