United Colours of Africa
The greatest learnings have come from the most unlikely of teachers ...

Travel is the greatest education ... Celebrating the joy of shared Culture and Lifestyle ... Africa Europe and Beyond
Jazz City Memory Festivals Initiatives Germany Berlin Hamburg Bremen [GERMANY]
Architectural City Urban Mobility Europe France Paris [PARIS]
Port City Music Culture Revival North Africa Tangier [TANGIER]
International Jazz Experience Copenhagen to Den Hague . [jazz international ]
Senegal From the griot culture ... [SENEGAL]

South African Focus : Born and Bred operating from home
Port City & Jazz Music South Africa Cape Town [CAPE TOWN]
Port City & Zulu Music South Africa Durban [SEALEVELSOULLEVEL]
Home of traditional music South Africa Eastern Cape eastern cape
Pan African Music Industry South Africa Johannesburg JOHANNESBURG

Collaborating Griots : Travelling, participating and sharing in music
Black Jesus Experience Australia to Ethiopia [BJX]
Kuti and the African Shrine Nigeria Lagos [KALAKUTI]
Wired for Sound Southern Africa [WIRED4SOUND]

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