Know how in the Knowledge Economy


The internet created a levelling factor. New technology provided impetus for all voices to communicate with one another on a “peer to peer” basis. Musicians began to take responsibility for his / her finances in a transparent and accountable way.

One of the largest record collectors in Southern Africa, Rob Allingham gives a thorough history of the LP Industry in his presentation at the Alliance Francaise.

And the issue of copyright and music rights is discussed with authors on the topic Jonothan Shaw and Nick Matuzukis.


A qualified multi-jurisdictional copywrite lawyer through power of attorney on behalf of some of the biggest artists in the world had collected twenty years of music rights documents.

They told an amazing story :

SAMRO : Nothando CEO and Gabi (Board Member) South African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) respond to allegations labelled as "legacy issues."

SAMPRA / POSA : Pfanani of South African Music Performers Rights Association (SAMPRA) responds to needletime concerns. But the story will all come out in Keith's forthcoming book where SAMRO rode rough shot.

CAPASSO / SARRAL : Wiseman calls on the CopyRight Review Commission and the Department of Trade and Industry to explain the change the mechanical sector.

And anomalies started falling into place : Such as CONCERTS SA : Nialla, Violet and Ignacio fill in the blanks.

And international support organisations. How do we recreate a people's first agenda?

South African Government are players across multiple platforms :

Association of Independent Record Companies (AIRCO) comes under fire from Harvey and the others. Downtown Studios stays in the picture. Cultural Policy comes under fire and the abuse of dominance by "board-riders," raises concerns.

BACKSTAGE ECONOMY says When will administrative bodies start to administer and government bodies, govern? The South African Roadies Assocciation lead the way.

And the Industry is left to follow in its wake where organisations such as Black Major and Akum Agency show a new energy.



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