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Music is the mother of all arts. Music is a creative force.

Mark Fransman
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Piano percussion international
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Five Times Grammy winners

Steiner says the astral world is continually present and always surrounds human beings. "The initiate becomes familiar with his own astral body and learns to live in it consciously." "Man arrives at the perception of the astral world if he goes through the discipline of 'great stilness'." "In the Devachanic world the soul absorbs into itself the world of tones."

For Schopenhauer music represents the process of cosmic manifestation. He describes 'musica instrumentalist,' such as Beethoven as , 'a true and perfect picture of the nature of the world which rolls on in the boundless maize of innumerable forms and through constant destruction supports itself."

Richard Wagner proposes that the experience of tone differs from the experience of sight, as Dream world from Waking world. Tone is an entirely inner experience. "Imagination creates the reality. This is a great cosmic law." Agrippa says, "Sound is a breath, voice is a sound and animate breath, speach is a breath pronounced with sound, and a voice signifying something: the spirit of which proceedith out of the mouth with sound and voice. "A voice is sent forth out of the inward cavity of the breast and heart by the assistance of the spirit."

Hazrat Iniyat Khan says, "music is the bridge and the gift between form and formless." “Music touches the deepest part of man's being. Music reaches further than any other impression from the external world can reach. And the beauty of music is that it is both the source of creation and the means of absorbing it. By music was the world created, and by music it is withdrawn again into the source which has created it.”

Stockhausen says, "Music should above all be a means to keep awake the connection of the soul with the other side." He says, "Stockhausen's music is not Stockhausen but the spirit which uses me." "All art aspires toward music." Schopenhauer

"With the appearance of the light, the universe is expanded. With the concealment of the light the things tha exist were created in all their variety." Kabbalah "A band of prophets has instruments for through the sweetness of melody, aloneness descends upon them and they strip their souls. Then the musicians stop the melody, and the prophets remain in that supernatural state of union and they prophesy." Kabbalah

"The basic principles of creating music are the same principles by which consciousness co create the cosmic symphony of the universe. ATTUNEMENT (Adjusting frequency); COHERENCE (amplitude aligned); RESONANCE (also occurs naturally when the frequencies of octaves interact with each other). It is the vibrating notes of minute strings from whose resonance all the energies of the universal hologram are believed to derive. The Buddha's 'middle way' is well explained through the musical metaphor. When he saw a musician tuning the single string of his harp - neither too tight nor too loose but the middle way. The Vedic tradition of ancient India, the Taoists of China and the writers of the Bible all perceived that the universe was sung into being by primal sound - the word of creation. In India the physical manifestation of this cosmic vibration is the Aum. All energy and mater is fundamentally made up of ultra-minute wave forms called 'strings', the theory runs that the oscillatory patterns and resonance of these strings form the fundamental 'notes' of the cosmic symphony that is the universe. The strings vibrate in all dimensions" quoting from the 8th Chakra.



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