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South Africa: The Bull of Africa

The music industry is governed by a collective of acronyms such as (SAMRO, RISA, SAMPRA, CAPASSO) to name a few

An integrative and transparent approach is required that inverts the pyramid with artists going to the top and industry and business at the bottom. A transparent system can keep the music industrious, and make the industry work for the musicians.

SAMRO and RISA are the biggest players historically in the South African music industry. Where RISA is a trade body, SAMRO is a CMO. They are the big dog in the industry collecting performers rights.

SAMPRA: They have extended their monopoly to include needle-time rights. This came through a settlement between their rights body POSA Trust and RISA's rights body SAMPRA.

CAPASSO is the little dog in the industry formed from the merger of NORM and SARRELL. It collects mechanical rights.

And AIRCO is the new kid on the block spawning IMPRA.

The government plays a central role in the South African music industry. Unfortunately Minister Mthethwa and the National Arts Council, the Department of Trade and Industry and their oversite body CIPC are all having to answer to allegations of personal interests overpowering the common interest of a transparent and transformative industry.

The internet created a levelling factor. New technology provided impetus for all voices to communicate with one another on a “peer to peer” basis. The flip in the industry caused EMI records to close as well as others such as Sheer Sound.

When the musician takes responsibility for his / her finances in a transparent and accountable way, government will take note and do the same. This will change the terrible top down abuse. The system will be overturned by transparency and accountability. All claims of authenticity and rights to presentation will revert to natural people. We will present ourselves... and administrative bodies will merely administer :


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