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How the South African Launch series of the mystical memoris of our music of the freedom era echoed in cultural agitation.

To the Peace on Earth Launch 

To the Peace on Earth was released in a wave of cultural agitation from April – June 2019

Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town ...
Sponsored by the foundation in partnership with venues, producers, musicians and accommodation.


Sifiso Ntuli introduces the concept of live music and reality:

One of things I came across about 25 years ago was MELT2000 catalogue. I was in Toronto Canada and I used to work for the CBC and I would play the music on the radio and they would here on it the 49 th parallel from East to West between the US and Canada and I think sometimes we wake up to that reality that there is more to life than pap and water. Maybe we will grow up again.

Robert Trunz gives the Blue Print for Live Music Cultural Agitation :

What is happening now today is something which I regret a lot and what my friend Sifiso has just been touching on. There aren't enough music venues and people to come to listen to live music, because live music is energy. It is then when the spirit comes in. It is then when everything happens. And there were fantastic bands that I was lucky to work with like bands from Amampondo from the Cape, and when you see 10 -12 percussionists on stage and it gets to the point when everything kicks in and goes off, it is no more making music it is just the spirit that comes in. And it moves people, not only here but it moves people everywhere in the world.

We've been with them traveling the world and everywhere you go people get up and dance and when they get up and dance and I get up and dance I know it works. The same thing with Bafo (Madala). I have been with Bafo since 1994 and it amazes me every time he plays live. He is 72 now and he is still a fantastic musician and person. Every time he picks up his guitar we are moved. We know his songs but every time he plays his song it is a little bit different, even today he was playing something I never heard before, thank you very much.

Isn't there a way that we can make Durban another hub of music again. You were saying Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town. About 3-4 years ago when we started working on Forest Jam a non profit organization that brings in musicians from overseas, mainly in those days from Switzerland because we were supported by the Swiss government. We took them to Madagascar and Maputo and there was a little plan I had which never found interest from nobody. Have you ever heard of the Baz Bus, a bus that goes around this country and it stops in all the backpackers. I was hoping that one day we could make the same thing but a Musicians bus. It picks up some people that play at Sifiso's place, then it comes to Durban and then it goes to Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. Then we can start picking up some support from a transport company and  abus company that is traveling all these beautiful places and move these people around. Have fixed venus in this country and then we know at the end of the month you will find musicians playing in those venues. It needs something like that to put some life back into this countries live scene. There is no live scene anymore and it doesn't matter what colour is – we can have Indian music, Zulu music, whatever. And if it is there all the time after a while there will be fixed interest. It is important that the younger musicians are prepared to get on that bus and have some sponsorship for them to be transported and then have some backpackers to put the musicians up.

That is my thought about the future, but I am retired now so maybe you guys can get on with it.

Proposal for Future Events

The celebration of an European African Exchange

* dedicated to French mystic Ananda Masset murdered in South Africa 2008 *
* dedicated to musician's Moses Molelekwa and Moses Khumalo suicidal in 2001 & 2 *
* built on the backbone of Robert Trunz founder of Musical Energy Loud Truth *
* the documentation of the post apartheid era of music *
* with the film making by Lianne Cox.
* celebrating the musical exchange in recording as per MELT2000 records
* celebrating the mentorship and jamming approach in education with Forest Jam & Zulu jazz *

A holistic interpretation of the healing quality of music

* preserves the wisdom for a foundation for musical co-creation *
* illustrates the crossroads of suicide and stage performance dangers *
* provides the philosophy of playing, collective consciousness *
* letting go, living without fear and embracing togetherness *

The Launch concert

As many of the stars of the book Ananda, Moses and Madala (born 17.04) and Robert are all born in April, To the Peace on Earth was officially launched in Johnanesburg on April 25 th . The support the launch received allowed it to travel to Durban with invitations to Cape Town.

The launch was made possible by much support: Sifiso Ntuli, Robert Trunz, Veit Arlt, Sinothi Malunga, Kaya FM, Jazzuary Fm and Curiocity Backpackers, thank you. Thank you to support from Carol Martin, AllJazzRadio Koko Nklashe, Jazz in the Native Yards and Youngblood Venue Cape Town.

The Question of Live Music?

The Durban launch concert of To the Peace on Earth was the opportunity to agitate for culture. The problem of music venues dying was raised and the solution of partnerships was given.

The Durban event proposed a long term solution of something of a jazz train kin to the famous “African Jazz and Variety” show of the 50s but in a modern context of collaborative enterprise.

The jazz train would link JHB with Durban and Cape Town and possibly PE(?) and feature a group of musicians, comedians, producers and writers collaborating in each location.

From the author of the Story of SA Jazz

The Story of SA Jazz Volume 2 (SOSAJ2) is set for release in April 2020. This book digs deep into the confluence of a jazz culture from its roots to the townships, the urban and international locations.

The SOSAJ series is envisaged as a Knowledge Foundation for the “real” story of SA jazz! Jazz has fought for SA freedom both politically and emotionally. Jazz seeks to be valued economically. And the elder musicians require a Foundation to recognize their contribution. SOSAJ is built on a long list of contributors.

To the Peace on Earth is a stand-alone project exacting the important correlations between wisdom, healing and music, and placing it completely into the African continent and Southern Africa. The book traces an emergence of a world music, or “out of this world” music that emerged in South Africa during the freedom era of 1994 and beyond.

25 years later there is a great longing for this musical freedom beyond race and genre.



The project is coordinated by afribeat.com thank you to the generous support of the Foundation. Afribeat.com is a promotion and content generator for African music. It is the founder of a South African Jazz Knowledge Foundation through the publishing of the three volume series Story of SA Jazz. Afribeat.com was founded on April 1 st 2000 and is planning the launch of Story of SA Jazz Volume Two to coincide with that in April 2020 :

Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban

Soweto Jazz Meander: Sifiso Ntuli has kept music live for two generations and he has a concept to move the music into locations around the country.

Jazz in the Native Yards:  Founded by Koko Nkalashe. Jazz in the Native Yards has built a successful network of formal, underutilized and informal venues in Cape Town to create an active live music scene. The idea is to take Jazz in the Native Yards country wide as a concept of appreciation of that jazz that came and still is inspired by the township way of life.

Jazz in the Native Yards are supporting this event as a publicity teaser for a large scale event Jazz in the Native Yards has planned for the end of July at the Artscape theatre in Cape Town also featuring Madala Kunene in collaboration with Msaki and Neo Muyanga.

eThekwini Jazz Appreciation Society: Built out of the stokvel concept of jazz appreciation, this group of effectionado's has made a strong impact in Durban and utilise a home venue Jazz Expressions :

Media Partners

Jazzuay. FM: Kaya FM's Jazzuary.FM offers an innovative and popular service for promoting live music and the culture of live.   Tune in : http://jazzuary.fm/

All Jazz Radio: A driving force behind Cape Town music is All Jazz Radio started by Eric Alan. All Jazz Radio has become the best online resource for South African live jazz music since being joined by writer and music development specialist Carol Martin. Tune in http://ndstream.net/alljazzradio/new/pc.htm

Accommodation Partners:

Curiocity Backpackers: This is a nationwide network of connected entry level tourism accommodation.



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