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Interview SAFM 18/11/18 with Shado Twala
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Interview SAFM 18/11/18 with Shado Twala

The interview opens with a recording of Darkness Pass

extract from Towards the Peace on Earth :  “Moses understood that it is not in one lifetime that one becomes a musician. It is like becoming a master soul. As a master soul, you are born and you heal people, you can do miraculous things. Musicians of such great quality are returning souls to the earth experience and their work is a result of at least a couple of lifetimes. How could he throw it all away like that? He saw earth is a plane of experience. My phone rang first thing that sunny Cape Town morning. It was Shado Twala, the news had broken and she was in tears.”

extract from Towards the Peace on Earth :  “The music danced playfully, travelling into the busy microcosm of the inner body, nursing, restoring and charging the inner organs with frequencies of heavenly harmony delivered with unconditional love. The music put the mind to rest, bringing absolute joy through its strong sense of purpose and power. The music was a meditation of pure love.”

She explained how Moses Molelekwa's music continues to touch musicians and people … and asked what it is about South African jazz ? “Freedom,” I said. “But when can one be ready to play South African jazz?” she asked.

“With improvisation you must always be ready and then at the same time never ready. You can only be yourself. And that is the privilege of a lifetime that crosses all divides. And that freedom can take you beyond life itself,” I added.

Shado Twala thought of the great musicians who actually die playing music like with Miriam Makeba. “A beautiful way to go on stage and doing what you love,” I commented remembering something Dolly Rathebe had once said.

Shado Twala asked who should read this book?

I thought she would be interested to read this book not so much for the spiritual theme but because of the insight to the struggle for existence in the music industry.

I said, “The huge frustrations Moses Molelekwa was facing at that exact moment he was going to die. It might solve a mystery to what exactly what happened.  27 – 33 is a common age of people in the music industry to fall to the strains and frustrations and take their lives so it would be beneficial for people in the sector to know about some of the things that happen in this industry that cause these terrible problems and help resolve it.”

extract from Towards the Peace on Earth :  “Bad spirit can be projected through emotions such as jealousy, hatred and meanness. When it attaches to its victim, bad spirit hooks into the
energy field and brings the person down. Bad spirit is invisible, it does not have a physical body. But it has a mental and emotional body and attaches to the mental and emotional body of its victim. Invisible astral beings, referred to by the Rastafari as duppy's and Greeks as archons,
can plug into the invisible mental and emotional bodies of the human being and suck them dry.”

Shado Twala asked how I made it through the danger point of 27 – 33. “At that exact moment I was Ananda the spiritual healer at the Melt2000 camp and he nurtured me through it with his personal teachings. The spiritual undertone is my personal healing journey and some might take benefit from that, particularly people who have artificial bodied and post traumatic stress disorder … Basically the book is to be helpful.”

My benefit was a healing experience that took me within : The Peace on Earth (A la paix sur terre) is a metaphor for the Peace Within :

extract from Towards the Peace on Earth :  “My anger had manifested into two hiatal hernias situated on the stomach lining deep within the third chakra, the place of personal power. I had given over my personal power to anger. The exchange with Christ consciousness activated my deeper inner memories. As the tears rolled and the suppressed emotions were confronted, I began to take responsibility and let go.Our body is for life. We might as well make a friend of it!”

Shado Twala was interested to know how much the ailment was projected …  I said, “You need to live with your ailments. The chapter is titled Lifelong friends and is about making friends with your ailments. And maybe they are your best friends because through healing them you have to go deeper into yourself and as you say to express yourself and find yourself, so maybe these ailments are triggering us to be better people.”

Where is it available?

Cape Town Clarkes,johannesburg, Lovebooks, Moral Kiosk and Moyo and in Durban at the KZNSA.



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