the United Colours of Africa




Freelance writer for magazines since 1999 in-flight magazine freelance journalist since 2000 & Arts and Cultural Journalist for Weekend and Daily newspapers since 1999
With special thanks to colleagues and employees : Sawubona, Big Issue and Downbeat and freelance contributions to Sunday, African and Saturday Independent Newspapers, M & G, Expressions, Directions, Bejazzed, GQ, Cape Times, City Press, Business Day, Skylife, Pacific and Mini International. He has engaged in barter exchange deals with SAA, BA and Wordonline and has traveled to at least 17 countries in Africa and Europe to attend music festivals and events. With the help of many great editors ... Wilhelm Snyman, Alexander Dodd, Bridgette Hilton Barber, Chris Du Plessis, Ingrid Wood, Robert Greig, Matthew Krause, Jason Koransky, Brendan Cooper, Gael Reagan, Glenda Neville, James Garner, Anthea Garmen, Fiona Zerbst, Rehana Roussouw thank you.
















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