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The Story of South African Jazz Volume One, free html book

SA Jazz Contents  
Starting with the heart
Introduction to the Story of SA Jazz
Perspectives on the Development of Jazz Music  
Interview Vince Kolbe
Interview Mr Brookes
Interview Dennis Constant Martin
The First Ray of South African Jazz  
The Drum Writers
Interview Thandi Klaasen
Interview Dolly Rathebe
Interview Theo Bophela
Interview Ezme Matshikiza
Interview The Manhattan Brothers
Interview Miriam Makeba
Interview Hugh Masekela
SABC Archives
Bright New Brighton Museum
The Second Ray of South African Jazz : The Exiles  
Chris McGregor
Interview Louis Moholo
Interview Sathima Bea Benjamin
Interview Abdullah Ibrahim
Interview Lucky Ranku
Interview Claude Deppa
Interview Morris Goldberg
Interview Lars Rasmussen
The Second Ray of South African Jazz : The Inxiles  
Interview Ezra Ngcukana
Tribute to Winston Mankunku
Interview Mike Perry
Interview Elias ‘S’dumo’ Ngidi
Interview Barney Rachabane
Ian Bruce Huntley Archive
The Third Ray of South African Jazz  
Interview Robbie Jansen
Interview Feya Faku & tribute to Pat Matshikiza
Interview Valmont Layne and Colin Miller
The Fourth Ray of South African Jazz  
Interview Goema Captains of Cape Town
Interview DJ Ready D , Hip Hop
Interview Moses Molelekwa
Interview Moses Khumalo
Interview Carlo Mombelli
Tribute to Johnny Fourie
Interview Marcus Wyatt
Interview Gito Baloi, Mozambique Music
Madala Kunene , Zulu Blues
Cape Town International Jazz festival
Press Conference Charles LLoyd
Press Conference Rachelle Ferrel

Interview Jack Von Poll

The Fifth Ray of South African jazz  
Grahamstown National Jazz festival
Interview Mike Skipper
Interview Brian Thusi
Interview Hotep Galeta
The Eternal Ray of South African jazz  
The Revolution is Self Publishing

The African Jazz Way

The Story of South African Jazz Music Releases

2000 afribeat / african cream Afribeat Compilation
2000 afribeat / african cream ArchiveAfrica  
2002 afribeat / wondergigs Moment in Cape Town ...


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