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Family Rachabane
Born in Alexandria 1946, Barney started as a penny whistle player at the age of 7. By the age of 10 his band the Alexandria All Stars made an internationally successful album and he was selected to play on King Kong. At the age of 19 he was a founding member of the Jazz Disciples and in 1986 toured the world on the Graceland tour. Paul Simon described him as the “most soulful player in the world.” Barney never went into exile and stayed at home and built a family. His children were musicians including his daughter songstress Octavia and grandson Oscar. read more
Family Ngidi
Sophiatown Heritage Ensemble
Madala Kunene

Madala Kunene was born in 1951 in Cato Manor. He refused to spend so much as a day at school. He started busking on Durban's beachfront at the age of 7, making his first guitar out of a cooking oil tin and fish gut for the strings. He grew up in uMkhumbane, the cultural hotspot of the 50s. Madala is often given the title 'King of Zulu guitar.' He calls his music Madalaline and can be recognised in performance throughout the world through his multi coloured and typically African attire. He was encouraged by Sandile Shange and Sipho Gumede, recorded extensively by Melt2000 and produced several world class records and viral tracks read more



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