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Charles Lloyd

Charles Lloyd is an old man of years (or revolutions around the sun) but a young man in enthusiasm, passion, spirit and soul. Charles Lloyd is an American jazz musician. Charles is a saxophone player that can use sound for transpersonal qualities, such as emotional alchemy. Sound is a way of telling the truth. A musician is versed in truth. We piece together the puzzle of our existence most easily through music.

Charles is a sound Brahman. He said at the press conference before his great show at the 2010 Cape Town International jazz festival:

You get up in the morning. You strip bare, you go fresh, with beginners mind, you rise above and make a contribution. The sound is available to all of us: it is a song of eternity, grace and forgiveness. You want to become better and suppler and go deep and the sound is there to verify your process and your truth. Music is a transforming power, it is a language universal. It goes direct. Sound transfers molecules.

As a Sound Brahman you are part of something bigger than the small self. You are in service. Billy Higgins (saxophonist and friend) was always praying and asking the creator for it and looking East. I am a dreamer. The creator has a carrot on the stick kind of dance and I am getting closer and so far away. You can't have a perfect score praise. What informs me is younger than spring. I am interested in the energy going up and not going down.

Musical vibrations have the potential to touch the spirit through soul vibrations. I live in the now. I am not comparing. Music transports us and lifts us up. Inspiration. Music is a nice way to matriculate on Earth, as if flying on the wings of a bird. Whatever you are looking for is looking for you. We are spirits passing through. This is not our home, we must care for one another.

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