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Durban African Jazz Big Band ... Just Friends

'Just friends', is a significant Durban jazz band. They play well matured and enjoyable music. Lead by virtuosos Khaya Dlamini, S'thembiso Ntuli and Eric Duma, Just Friends are vibrant, textured and explosive making for a powerful jazz music outfit. And how much more is good music than just friends?


Newlands East bi-annual jazz festival. Eric Duma's birthday celebration 29/11/2014

The big sound of Durban jazz was heard and loved. They played happy birthday, the played the pastors song, they backed the wifes' hymn, they backed the midwifes' choral praise song and then when the pomp and ceremony was done, they played some jazz. And then they took a break. That was only set one. Khaya Dlamini's horn lead throughout. It was Jerry Kunene whose ear was sharp enough to pick up the baton right off the cuff and stand beside him and then welcome in S'thembiso Ntuli and Eric Duma to star in a horn quartet that played straight through the load shedding to shed a new light on the etiology of the proliferance of horns in the big sound of African Jazz, and in particular Durban jazz. With the drums sitting steady behind, 4, 6 or 8 horns sang together the refrains. Hats off to the big 4 horns who stood in the frontline, they could take the sound as far as you like because they are so familiar with this music. And the backing band was tight and dead right. There were two bass players. KB and Bernard. KB is ever present, a band leader in his own right. And he pulled a mighty solo nd he lead the band through some dips and troughs when the big guys were taking a break. The second set was four hours solid celebration style African jazz. When some cats wandered off stage, there were a host of others waiting to take their place and get a jam in the jamboree. Drums, keyboards, guitars, vocals ...

Just Friends and other friends at Eric Duma's birthday party, pic's Simo Buthulezi


Just Friends pictured at the Durban Jazz festival




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