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The Story of South African Jazz : LIVE is a platform for musical collaboration.

The Story of South African Jazz : LIVE Events are to be multi media fun and free wheeling with a focus on bringing musicians and audiences together. Live audience and educative components are always enjoyed. The story of South African jazz is built on the presentation ofthe jazz families, dynasty’s, griots, poets, painters, promoters and people in a well scripted, narrated and orchestrated live show that enjoys the taste of a rich musical heritage from Cape Town, to Durban, to Johannesburg, Pretoria, PE and East London too to name only a few of the exciting musical locations.

The close inter-relationship between musicians, audiences and opportunities is the life blood of South African jazz. The marvelous community of friends that have supported the musicians throughout the years and the authentic oral nature of the language of South African jazz are what keep the story alive. T
ogether, passive and active, a representative story of jazz music in Southern Africa is provided. Becoming a musician can be a trade that is passed on through the generations …And it can be learnt. The best teachers are veteran musicians. The educational rewards their knowledge preserves are valuable. The knowledge extends into the future generations.


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