Story of South African Jazz: A network of archives

The Story of SA Jazz presents a number of archives of recorded SA Jazz and overviews of the development of SA Jazz. ILAM (International Library of African Music) where it is made permanently available to education, SABC archives of jazz recordings and IBH archive are all strong foundations.

SA Jazz has Many different people and many different flavours: Xhosa Africa Cape Jazz; South African Jazz; Spirits of Tembisa and Healing Destinations.  It is all eternal and infinite. The music is embraced by European countries, America and all sections of Southern Africa.
From Langa in Cape Town to Umkhumbane, Port Elizabeth and Sophiatown , it was a big mix up, and there was a spirit that bonded everyone together, a spirit of self actualisation. And where there was black urban culture, there was jazz.  SA jazz was learnt through mentorship because education ranks alongside self knowledge as tools to bring change.  The improvisational quality of the music is grasped from the spiritual knowledge of the power of the present moment.


Story of SA Jazz Volume One


Story of South African Jazz Volume 2