Story of South African Jazz In the Media

“Story of South African Jazz Volume 2 is an expansive, deep-prying chronicle of Southern African music, that in urban settings and modernisations metamorphosed into African Jazz. A tumultuous journey from the villages, into mine compounds, into performance halls, into distant lands and continents. It is a spirited record and memory of many musicians who could have never been remembered, but for the pages in this book. Together with Story of South African Jazz Volume One this book is must collection for all music schools, andshould be included in reading lists of music schools,” Macingwane Department of Heritage Military Veterans

“The Story of South African Jazz is an important addition to the existing research. Resources and stories that have emerged from all over the region of Southern Africa. This three-volume series is a book, research and oral history project to document the beautiful story of South African jazz in an open inclusive, flourishing and accessible way. Volume one was launched in 2015 and volume two will be launched in Durban and Johannesburg in December 2019,” Art Africa.

“This is a journey through musical histories of South Africa’serasof social, political, and even spiritual changes. One’s fellow passengers are the musicians as the ride runs through various urban and peri-urban African communities to mega-cities, like Johannesburg with its surrounding mines which absorbed a myriad of African dance and musical expressions from miners. The passengers chat loudly and excitedly, remembering days gone past.” Carol Martin All Jazz Radio


Story of SA Jazz In the Media