“Madala Kunene is such a unique musician, not only in South Africa but all Africa. He should have a similar status to Ali Farke Toure. He attracts a lot of good people, young people and musicians.” Robert Trunz

“Madala does not read music. He plays by feeling.” Mabi Thobejane 

“His music is of universal appeal. It has a jazz influence, a reggae influence and many other influences shining through.” Struan Douglas 

About Madala: Madala Kunene is a Zulu guitarist playing his own style of music Madalaline. He was born in 1951 in Cato Manor and started busking on Durban's beachfront at the age of 7, making his first guitar out of a cooking oil tin and fish gut for the strings. He was called 'Amanikabheni' (a name given to us because we would perform in open spaces and then be given pennies by the thrilled crowds". Madala began paving his own path and creating his own unique sound from the word go. Madala (is a Zulu word for old man. He sometimes also goes by the name Bafo (which is Zulu slang for friend.) He has recorded and composed a number of hits including Martha Got a Free, Kon'ko Man, Washa Washa and global hits like Ubombo. Discography: Solo albums include King of the Zulu Guitar & Kon'ko Man: Collaborative albums include 'Madamax' with Max Laser, First Double with Baba Mokoena Serakoeng, BAFO BAFO with Syd Kitchen, Live at Fort West with Ntombethongo and live with Greg Georgiades Compilation albums: Music With No Name Vol. 1 & 4, Freedom Countdown, Outernational Meltdown Free at Last & UXOLO Madala Kunene compilation album