To the Peace on Earth: 



Following the trail of the mysterious suicide of 27 To the year old prodigy, jazz pianist Moses Molelekwa; the writer lands at the knee of self discovery. Ananda DNA, a French mystic, mescalito and healer provides a terrific scripture, enjoyable metaphysics and amusing spirituality on which a university of celebration is founded. Set on the Musical Energy Loud Truth Beyond 2000 farm and during the freedom era of South Africa’s miracle peaceful transformation, a whimsical and colourful group of creative characters come together to share in the metaphors, philosophies and permanent reminders of being human. These are useful markers on the journey from separation to unity consciousness.



“This book touches the unavoidable real by opening our minds to what constitutes the ‘void’, from entering disorientation that can manipulate the mind, to experiencing the beauties of Ubuntu love and respect found on the African continent. Douglas uses the metaphorical ‘fifth’ to explain: “As the fifth in music harmonically divides the octave, so the fifth dimension in Spiritual terms co-creates.”  Carol Martin

* dedicated to French mystic Ananda Masset murdered in South Africa 2008 *
* dedicated to musician’s Moses Molelekwa and Moses Khumalo suicidal in 2001 & 2 *
* based on the investment of Robert Trunz founder of Musical Energy Loud Truth 2000 and the aesthetic of film maker Lianne Cox. * *
* the documentation of the post apartheid era of music *
* celebrating the mentorship and jamming approach in education with Forest Jam & Stable Theatre *

* a holistic interpretation of the healing quality of music *
* preserves the wisdom for a foundation for musical co-creation *
* illustrates the crossroads of suicide and stage performance dangers *
* provides the philosophy of playing, collective consciousness *
* building a philosophy of letting go, living without fear and embracing togetherness *

"The universe conspired to send me into the music industry, around the mysterious year 2000 . It was a time of upheaval, some kind souls were swept away into passive anonymity and others into active self-destruction. But others passed through that portal of experience, and such is the miracle of life. We are never alone. Healing runs in all directions.”

“This new sound was the emergence of a New South African jazz to match the New South Africa. Strands of a shared consciousness united across time and space.”

“The Cullinan farm and its various inhabitants provided this ‘nature spirit’ space where African griots, drummers, trance-dancers of the Kalahari, and other newer students of sound in his Forest Jam project could co-create. By 2015, Douglas found a new journey, having manifested projections involving a vast healing.” “Melt2000 projects harnessed and promoted energy and a spirit of activism and thoughtfulness. It was never in an overt political social way, it was simply in the spirit of doing, creating and making magic. It became the documentation heritage of post-apartheid music. People were coming together and finding their truth beyond race. ”


Previous owner of B & W speakers Robert Trunz has spent most of the last 20 years since pioneering the record label Melt2000 which extensively recorded the freedom music of South Africa’s peaceful transformation … Robert’s innovations in his 30 year career with B & W speakers led the company to become one of the biggest brands in the world. Robert’s extensive archive of music recordings documented a career of twenty years that had spanned Europe, South America and Southern Africa. Robert has the ability to spot talent, and he found a lot of great musicians. And with Robert comes the excitement of big musical collaborations.


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Book Presentation by Struan Douglas

To the Peace on Earth

Music and Spirituality of the Freedom Era