“The most soulful sax player in the world” Paul Simon

“It is not about the money, it is about the heart. All of this can be accomplished through the heart.” Barney Rachabane

Discography: 1957: The Kwela Kids released by RCA 1964: Early Mabuza Quartet – featuring Rachabane compositions, The Idea and Barney's Way EMI 1975: Barney Rachabane and the Sound Proofs recorded Special Mama Teal records 1976: Sweet Matara by Barney Rachabane & Company. 1988: Richard Groove Holmes “African Encounter” featuring Rachabane compositions “Barney's Groove.” 1989: Blow Barney Blow Jive Afrika 1989: Barneys Way Jive Afrika 2002: African Tributes MELT2000