"Our Story of Southern African Jazz' is a story that IS because it is a story that has become its writer. I was awakened by the patience, understanding, tolerance and forgiveness of many jazz professors, jazz ambassadors and jazz warriors. There is truth, acceptance, warmth, generosity and transformation in this music. As much as my life has been formed and shaped by SA Jazz, SA Jazz has been formed and shaped by different lives lived in every multi coloured shade of human experience." Struan Douglas

About: The Story of South African Jazz is open at both ends: Interviews with musicians, enthusiasts and entertainers is combined with running commentary of a life lived and learned through the lens of heart centred South African jazz musical vibrations: The Story of South African Jazz is a never ending story: It alwyas harks upon the golden age of the 50s, District six, Sophiatown and Umkhumbane, and the exiles and inxiles of the 60s onwards. The Story of South African Jazz is a business piece to inspire musicians to enter the industry with knowledge. Education ranks alongside self knowledge as tools of the revolution. Spiritual knowledge of the power of the present moment adds to improvisational quality of the music. The business has changed through a digital revolution in the recording industry and crackdown on corruption in collecting societies. The Story of SA Jazz is a journey into exposing one of the most profound musical languages to ever come out of this country. Many different people, many different flavours: Xhosa Africa Cape Jazz; South African Jazz; Spirits of Tembisa and Healing Destinations. The music falls under the umbrella genre, jazz. It is all eternal and infinite. The music is embraced by European countries, America and all sections of Southern Africa. The Story of SA Jazz presents a number of archives of recorded SA Jazz and overviews of the development of SA Jazz. ILAM (International Library of African Music) where it is made permanently available to education, SABC archives of jazz recordings and IBH archive are all strong foundations. The Story of South African Jazz is a narrative in learning to play. Every jazz musician learns from elders and thus the musical development follows cycles of time - referred to as "rays." A ray is a build-up of a collective expression that marks a cycle or an age 2000 sat on the cusp of the fourth ray of South African Jazz and was the time zone which Volume One was first written.

Launch concerts: Our progress is measured by many years of long and lasting friendships: many musical friends. Story of SA Jazz Volume One May was launched in Durban at the legendary Rainbow Restaurant 15.05.2015 with master musicians Elias Ngidi and Thabane Mohlobo.


Story of South African Jazz Volume One went Live in Johannesburg with the Sophiatown Heritage Ensemble in November 2015 to celebrate the elders and cross cultural collaborators.



Story of SA Jazz Volume One

Featuring images by Struan Douglas