The Story of South African Jazz Volume 2

The latest release, The Story of South African Jazz Volume Two is set in 2018 at the bridge of the 5th Ray of South African Jazz and the 4th Industrial Revolution. This story is truly global. Join us for a celebration of the SA jazz effect.

"Story of South African Jazz Volume 2 is your 'tour de force', an expansive, deep-prying chronicle of Southern African music, that in urban settings and modernisations metamorphosed into African Jazz. A tumultuous journey from the villages, into mine compounds, into performance halls, into distant lands and continents. It is a spirited record and memory of many musicians who could have never been remembered, but for the pages in this book. Together with SOSAJVol.1, this book is must collection for all music schools, and should be included in reading lists of music schools. Congratulations, Stru for your vision, your insight and the tenacity to bequeath S.A. with these masterpieces." Macingwane

Story of South African Jazz Volume Two : Cape Town : April 2020 Durban 5 & 6 2019 : December Johannesburg: December 12 2019

The story of South African jazz is built on the presentation of the jazz families, dynasty’s, griots, poets, painters, promoters and people in a well scripted, narrated and orchestrated live show that enjoys the taste of a rich musical heritage from Cape Town, to Durban, to Johannesburg, Pretoria, PE and East London too to name only a few of the exciting musical locations.

Bringing the book to life 

The launch of the story of SA Jazz Volume Two in Durban and Joburg was kindly supported by Crowdfunding through kind individuals Lois Gilbert, Seton Hawkins, Calum MacNaughton, Jason Le Grange, Chris Moller, Angus Douglas, James Pitman, Sevi Spanoudi, Dan Chiorbili, Carol Martin, Moreira Chonguica, Carol Muller, Craig McGahey, Veit Arlt, Baenz Oester, Barbara Tellinger and Steve De Sous sponsors. Book completion sponsorship was received from ANFASA and a supporting grant from BASA.

PARTNERSHIPS & Trade Exchanges Roving Bantu Kitchen: Sifiso Ntuli has kept music live for two generations and he has a concept to move the music into locations around the country. Jazzuary. FM: Kaya FM’s Jazzuary.FM offers an innovative and popular service for promoting live music and the culture of live. eThekwini Jazz Appreciation Society: Built out of the stokvel concept of jazz appreciation, this group of effectionado’s has made a strong impact Jazz Expressions : Promotions and events company started by Dumi Ginindza Curiocity Hostel: A nationwide network of connected visitors accommodation. All Jazz Radio: All Jazz Radio: Started by Eric Alan and featuring writer and music development specialist Carol Martin.

Story of South African Jazz Education

This encylopaedic approach to South African jazz and education through mentorship is aimed at the schooling system. During February 2020 Story of SA Jazz Presentations will take place at select schools. To participate contact 


Photographs by Struan Douglas