Musical Energy Loud Truth Beyond 2000

"Let's get rid of the crap, work shoulder to shoulder and we can produce the greatest country in Africa, perhaps even the world.” Jim Bailey

MELT2000 Records was founded by Robert Trunz. Over the last thirty years in South Africa he has hosted many gatherings. He is legend for creating rehearsal spaces for musicians. In these spaces musicians may develop their music without the consequence of time and cost. Roberts' presence as a producer or executive producer is hardly noticeable. He appears to be listening in from another room and then if the sound requires enhancing he may wander in, tweak a few buttons, pass a smile and then wanders off again.

Melt2000 extensively recorded the freedom music of South Africa's peaceful transformation and is the SA Democracy Music Archive

“Melt2000 projects harnessed and promoted energy and a spirit of activism and thoughtfulness. It was never in an overt political social way, it was simply in the spirit of doing, creating and making magic. It became the documentation heritage of post-apartheid music. People were coming together and finding their truth beyond race. ” To the Peace on Earth 

"The events take place in South Africa, in a post-democracy climate of change. The struggles that had taken place below ground are suddenly above ground. South Africa at the time was so beautiful and enticing." Extract :"In the spirit of doing, creating and making magic, this catalogue became the documentation heritage of post-apartheid music." To the Peace on Earth



Mabi Thobejane

Moses Molelekwa


Busi Mhlongo