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A foundation for the knowledge and wisdom of Pan African culture and heritage. This is the vault of the books, live recordings, interviews and other multi-media material recorded, gathered or networked together by and the Sausage Film Company.

Education, knowledge and know-how presevration portal. An innovative digital foundation for the multi-media creativity and documentation of South African arts and culture heritage. A sustainable solution to the jewels of yesteryear being preserved in a format of benefit to their creators. Authentic and sustainable growth is achieved by keeping the roots of our culture and heritage well cared for.

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The Story of South African Jazz LIVE MUSIC AV

The Story of South African Jazz LIVE is a musical interpretation of all aspects of South Africa's jazz history, as based on the three volume book series Story of South African Jazz.

The Story of South African Jazz AUDIO INTERVIEWS

INTERVIEWS from the book series Story of South African Jazz.


Drawing on the lived experience and oral history of many music masters,this is an educative sojourn into the unified source of music. South African jazz is a unique and all inclusive channel to real freedom, touching down in all the major cities.


In Season two of this multi-media free-learning free-wheeling fun and interactive music course we dig deep so asto help the future generations access our full inspiration, joy and excitement.

ILAM: African Jazz Education

From a small child on the mothers back, to an unborn child in the mothers womb, to a toddler banging the drum in his mothers lap. The cycle of traditional music continues endlessly through the African tradition from conception to death, from incarnation to afterlife.

Recordings from the SABC Archives

On a visit to the SABC Archives in the Western Cape I found a well preserved selection of inspiring South African music of many different periods.

WONDERGIGS: Cape Town Sound Archive

Between 2000 - 2002 Afribeat recorded the length and greadth of Cape Town music in a search for the voice of Cape Town and we found it. It is called "goema."