Southern African Jazz Music and Liberation History collection, archive and foundation for music and activism resources.

Drawing on the lived experience and oral history of many masterful South African heroes, Archive Africa provides the longevity through a foundation for Africa, education and the unified source of music. South African jazz is a unique and all inclusive channel to freedom, easily accessible to all cultural centres, particularly in Kwa Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Mozambique and Gauteng, but not limited too. The selections include Commentaries, Tributes, Interviews, Photographs, articles, video ,live recordings, books, tutirials, training modules, sheet music, research and testimonies. With an independent directory of resources available online with hard copy data disks backed up in 4 university centres of music learning, Archive Africa provides an open source to open the minds and hearts of all researchers in the fields of music, arts activism, and liberation.

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Johnny Mbizo Dyani

Legacy of an unsung hero

Story of South African Jazz

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Icons of the Drum era

Music of the Post Apartheid Era

To the Peace on Earth

Vusi Macingwane Mchunu

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Shadows of Justice

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