Maskanda Music of Kwa Zulu Natal

Maskanda means a virtuoso instrumentalist who plays traditional music on the Western instruments. Maskanda' was termed after the Afrikaans word ' musikante ' to mean musician. Many words in Zulu are adapted from Afrikaans such as (tafel). Maskanda is music played by the man on the move. We used to say someone who was just walking playing his guitar was “umakikeleokwahe,” cutting it in his own way.

Wired for Sound : Solar powered music development

Wired for Sound is a mobile solar powered recording studio. The team of Freshlyground musicians Simon Attwell (flute), Julio Sigauque (guitar) and radio producer Kim Winter are quite literally “Wired for Sound,” because they are constantly ready to play and record no matter where they find themselves, as they travel along a network of Southern African community radio stations.

Bushfire Festival

Igoda festival circuit is a pioneer. It is growing and spreading across Africa giving audiences around the SADAC region content they might not have necessarily have otherwise seen. At the heart of the circuit is the Bushfire festival in the Malkerns valley of Swaziland.

Unregulated online contracts cost the state a fortune

Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon (FAMGA) have a market share of $3.5 trillion. These businesses utilize algorithms to understand their users, collect data on their habits and find better ways to sell their services and products. Apps are intelligence gathering devices which capture data to be sold off to advertising companies, data miners and other willing buyers. This data is regarded as “the new gold”.

Pan African Independent Database

"The musicians must get the bucks," said Giro Baloi and the most effective way to ensure the future generations get paid for the intellectual property is to set up a transparent and comprehensive IP database, functioning like a deeds office for physical property. PAID is a new step in this direction: