HOLY HURIǂOAXA : Shipwrecked

Huriǂoaxa Sea Mountain is the witness of an ancient way of being, full of history and mystery, knowledge and wisdom. At the confluence of mysticism, wisdom and self expression, “shipwreckers of the mighty storm” manifest insight, power and technique to awaken to a co-creative reality of social living.

Based on the original writings of cryptic mystic new age poet Adam Knight... “Grow vegetables now! Anywhere! Everywhere. Anyhow! Now!”

#mystery #transition #knowledge, #empowerment #philosophy #humour #eternity #bluebrint2024.

"No one can even define the genre. SA Harry Potter, alchemist, new philosophy, poetic rants of a New Age Prophet. The book needs no definition, no box to be kept in. It is as free as the surf of the sea." Macingwane

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Struan Douglas is an author from South Africa.