Music Free Learning

Are you a music student, educator or music lover? Here are some fresh and dazling teaching materials to bring out your intuitive and mentorship approach to learning. Free-learning is fun, taking you to that special place within where all there is the potential to shine and develop unique and positive ways of accessing the future of your dreams.

What is Jazz to you? Presentation

Join the Story of South African Jazz Education initiative and gain from this encylopaedic approach to South African jazz and education and learn more about the driving spirit behind South African Jazz, the Origins of South African Jazz and the long-term benefits of this story.

African Music Education Network

From a small child on the mothers back, to an unborn child in the mothers womb, to a toddler banging the drum in his mothers lap. The cycle of traditional music continues endlessly through the African tradition from conception to death, from incarnation to afterlife.

Music Education: The Holistic Approach

“The word heal has the same origin as the word whole.” Music heals at all levels and is a tool of transformation. At a personal level, it creates an alchemy of moving out of the lead-weight of the ego into the golden magic of the heart.

The University of Celebration

Having trained under the mystic teacher Ananda, presentations and learnings from book "To the Peace on Earth" provide a holistic emergence to the power of creativity to unleash ones full potential.