Bafo Mentor by Madala Kunene

Madala Kunene hums and sings Zulu folk songs, aphorisms and proverbs.Madala is the Zulu word – meaning an old man, a mature person, a knowledgeable individual or a sage. Madala Kunene’s quest through his music and teachings is to preserve ancient Zulu cultural and heritage knowledge. In 1994, at Umzansi Art Center in Clermont Township, Durban, Madala ran singing classes for 7-year-old girls, passing on many songs about growing up, about respect for the elders, about cleanliness, about working together and about diligence. Some songs were in the form of games, of Call and Response relay songs, of swopping lead voices as training. For urban-grown Primary School maidens, the parents really appreciated the grounding in Zulu folklore that Madala Kunene gave.

Madala is often given the title 'King of Zulu guitar', however his music expands far beyond the traditional maskanda. His music is of universal appeal. He calls it Madalaline.

Thank you for all your excitement and joy in joining us on this music episodic journey number five :::! We really hope that this has inspired you to the depth and magic of real possibilty? Until next time – stay musical !!!

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