Freedom by Sifiso Ntuli

Born in Kwa Zulu Natal and an anti-apartheid struggle member of the ANC. He went into exile in Swaziland, Tanzania and Canada. He made the radio documentary, ‘Umzabalazo, the songs of struggle,’ which was later transferred to ‘Amandla: A revolution in four part harmony,’ a successful documentary film, in which he acted as narrator. In 1994 Ntuli as a returning exile, Ntuli began to work closely with culture. He created ‘Dark City Jive’ at the Tandoor venue in Yeoville was co- founder of the Politburo digital and live music sessions and founder of House of Nsako music venue in Brixton. He is co-founder of Roving Bantu Kitchen in Brixton.

The good old days have only just begin. Hugh Masekela

Thank you for all your excitement and joy in joining us on this music episodic journey number six :::! We wish that you are feeling that little bit free-er and better informed as the power and purpose of freedom. Until next time – stay musical !!!

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