You-ology by Zaide Harneker

Flautist, saxophonist, composer and band-leader, the late Zim Ngqawana, promoted the philosophies of Innertainment and Zimology.Zim Ngqawana came from a poor family in Port Elizabeth, did not finish High School, started as a singer for New Brighton township events, taught himself the flute, made the grades for music at Rhodes University and UKZN, trained with Max Roach and Winton Marsalis in Massachussetts University and became one of the foremost role-models to South African musicians. Zaide is a development worker and was partner to Zim Ngqawana, helping him spiritually to give the space to realise himself through music.

We are always spiritual partners on this journey. We belong to each other. We are not alone. We belong to the universe. We belong to all of sound and we belong to all of colour.

Thank you for all your excietement and joy in joinung us on this music episodic journey number seven :::!

We hope you are enjoying this and staying well inspired. Keep your inspiration safe and sound. And, until next time – stay musical !!!

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