Music Education: A holistic Approach

A knowledge of the chakra's allows us to get in tune with ourselves and grow more harmonic. Let us start with colour. When shining oure light through a spectrum, it breaks into the 7 distinct colours, the spectrum of the rainbow. This is the foundation of all colour. Each colours has its vibration. Red is the slowest vibration and longest vibration frequency. Violet has the shortest wavelength and fastest frequency.

These 7 colour frequencies relate directly to the chakra's. Chakra comes from the sanskrit term meaning wheel. Chakra is a wheel like vortex spinning in a circular motion in the body. Chakra's are the etheric motor of the soul. There are 7 primary chakra's. Chakra's draw in an dradiate energy. Each chakra governs over a major organ of the body that resonates at the same frequency.

"Know thyself and thy shall know the universe of GOD" Pythagorus

The diatonic scale is the famous system of music theory developed by Pythagorus. He discovered this by measuring the frequency of the planets or what Herbert Whone described as "a descending and ascending cosmic octave." There are seven distinct frequencies within an octave and they make up the Solfeggio scale.

The Solfeggio scale is known in the West as Do Re Me Fa So La Ti. In the teachings of the Krystic spiral, the seven Solfeggio names are also sung in their route sounds of universal vibration. These are K a R a Y a S a T a H a L a. The Chinese sing it HEI ; HENG ; HONG ; AH ; SHI ; YI ; WONG. In relation to the planets these are "DO, Dominus-- God. RE is regina coeli, queen of the heavens--the moon. MI is microcosmos--earth and the human being. FA is fatus-- destiny; the planets. SOL is the sun. LA is the voie lactée--the Milky Way. SI is sideria--all the starry heavens." The diatonic scale is a mirror of the 7 primary colours and chakras.

The primary notes (frequency's) of the voice match the primary colours of the rainbow and the primary chakra's in the body. As we learn to sing through the frequencies of our voice (using colour visualisations and visualisations of the chakra's) we can give our bodies a sonic massage, balance the chakra's and develop an inner smile.

‘Do’ (Red) is the [root chakra] resonates with the adrenal gland and represents SURVIVAL

‘Re’ (Orange) is the [sacral chakra] resonates with the gonads and represents SEX;

‘MI’ (Gold) is the [solar plexus chakra] resonates with the pancreas and represents POWER;

‘FA’ (Green) is the [heart chakra] resonates with the thymus and represents LOVE;

‘SOL’ (blue) is the [throat chakra] resonates with the thyroid gland and represents EXRESSION;

‘LA’ (Purple) is the [third eye chakra] resonates with the pituitary gland and represents INTUITION;

‘TI’ (violet) is the [crown chakra] resonates with the pineal gland and represents SPIRITUALITY.



The first sound is at the deepest bassiest frequency that your voice can comfortably reach. What we are going to do is project this sound into the base of the spine into the area known as the first chakra. This is the area between the genitals and the anus. The colour visualisation to accompany this sound is a deep beautiful red. Visualise that part of the body as infused with this deep beautiful red.


The next sound we are going to be working with is an OOO sound. The colour that accompanies this sound is orange. The beautiful sunrise or sunset orange infusing into the area of your lower tummy.


We now move into the area of the solar plexus, around the belly button sometimes called the abdominal brain. The sound we are using is an OH sound. The colour visualisation is yellow, a beautiful bright yellow filling up that entire cavity of your body surrounding all those amazing organs.

FA (SA) {AH}

As we move into the midrange of our voice we move up in to the area of our physical heart. Infuse your entire chest cavity with a beautiful healing green colour. Whatever shade of green you feel comfortable with. The sound we are using is the AH in the midrange of our voice we are balancing and aligning the chakra with itself and the previous chakra that we worked with.


Moving up into the area of the throat make sure it is open and clear. Allow yourself to express your natural sound. The colour visualisation that we will use is blue. A beautiful bright sky blue. The sound that we are going to intone is an AI sound. Slight higher than pitch than the midrange.

LA (HA) {YI}

Moving into the next centre we move up in to the brow, the third eye just between the two eye brows. Infuse this wonderful organ with a purple colour. The sound we use is AY, slightly higher and approaching the top end of our voice. Make a nice round sound.


One final time we move to the crown of the head, the tip of the head, moving the energy up the spine. We are balancing and aligning each of these structures. At the same time visualise a beautiful white light coming in through the top of the crown. The sound we are going to use is an EEE sound at the top end the highest frequency your voice can reach. It is best for this sound to try and nasalise it a little bit.

The system of 12

Within the octave are twelve semi-tones. The 13th makes the octave. 12 is a corresponding number within creation as a whole, corresponding to the system of 12/13 chakras and 12 strands of DNA. 12 is an extraordinary number because if you place two three sided triangles within a circle, they will touch the circumference of the circle 12 times. This is also called a star tetrahedron. The star tetrahedron creates the integration between the diatonic scales and the whole tone scale.

The whole tone series like the chromatic scale is an equal tempered measurement of musical pitch, which can be measured as frequency. The intervals are exactly proportionate. There are SIX whole tones in an octave. There are SIX semitones in a tritone. The Tritone is equidistant in an octave. It is the most dissonant frequency. It is the Blue Note. According to Plato, the 6 is the number of the circle and embodies perfection. Music goes together with mathematics. And this takes us into the occult - the secret, the hidden.

The 'Diatonic' system is the system of 7 + 5 = 12
“In a scale there will always be seven in action and five standing by. (We find the analogy with the twelve holy Boddhisattvas of which, a maximum of seven is active on the earth at the same time, and five must remain in the spirit world. Hence, when we are in “the five” of the pentatonic mode we have entered the kingdom of heaven and of childhood and can sense the analogous relationship of these two realms.)” The prime-octave Polarity. 6.

The cycle of 5ths

The cycle of fifths is a spiral of complimentary opposites that is infinite. It can spiral in frequency infinitely. It takes its significant points on the circumference of the circle from Pythagoras. Pythagorean harmonics is a harmonic of competing opposites and represents Ying and Yang. The Cycle of Fifths and Fourths is a harmonic cycle representing Yin and Yang. Within the Cycle of Fifths are other harmonic yin and yang relationships such as the Major and Minor scales. Therefore a third and a sixth are in balance too. Here we see a cycle of 9 within the 12.

What is hidden is the law of competing opposites which is the internal harmony of competing opposites. This is known in the sacred symbol of duality, which is harmonic and exact and perfect. The transformation from duality takes us to oneness, which is a spiritual concept.