What is Jazz to you?

An outline of the South African Jazz Module

1. The Philosophy of Freedom (Philosophical basis of music): South African Jazz is at its core “Just Music” as Robbie Jansen explained and in its broad effect it is “Freedom.” - expresses emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of human experience - communicates a broad range of historical, cultural and socio-economic ideas and issues - unites diverse groups and mobilises community for social equality, healing and human dignity - metaphors of music as life - Intellect and spirit of improvisation and self knowledge.

2. The Mentorship Approach: South African Jazz meets educational AIMS in the syllabus as well as trans-personal development - technical, performance, improvisational, compositional, diverse knowledge and appreciation. - inclusive human rights, environmental and social justice - indigenous knowledge systems - the tools for self-development.

3. South African Jazz is built on Traditional African and pre-jazz influences - Indigenous Music, language influence and expert practitioners - Role of ancestors / spirituality / ceremony. - Choral - Maskanda - Goema - Mbube - isicathamiya.

4. South Africa Jazz is built on a distinct timeline of 5 "rays" of jazz
4.1 Music of the FIRST Ray of SA Jazz: Marabi - Vocal and instrumental SA jazz: contrasts -Bands: Jazz Maniacs, Merry Blackbirds, Manhattan Brothers, Dark City Sisters -Singers: Miriam Makeba, Dolly Rathebe, Thandi Klaasen - Musical Theatre Kwela - Spokes Mashiane, LemmyMabuse, Elias Lerole African Jazz - Jazz Epistles, Todd Matshikiza, Gideon Nxumalo, Philip Malombo Thabane

4.2 Music of the SECOND Ray of SA Jazz: Exiles - Blues Notes, Brotherhood, Union of SA - Avant-garde Jazz a South African etiology Cape Jazz - Abdullah Ibrahim Inxiles -Jazz fusion and the parallel streams of socio-cultural oppression - Winston Mankunku Ngozi.

4.3 Music of the THIRD Ray of SA Jazz: mbaqanga - Graceland: Soul Brothers Fusion - Spirits Rejoice, Sakhile, Robbie Jansen Western Musical Forms - Rock ‘n Pop Afrikaans music - The Voelvry Tour

4.4 Music of the FOURTH Ray of SA Jazz: Modern - FeyaFaku, Moses Molelekwa, Voice, Zim Ngqawana

4.5 Teaching from the FIFTH Ray of SA Jazz: SA Music industry - music industry value chain: idea – publishing – performing - record companies in South Africa - music rights - copyright - registration and regulation - Influence of Technology.


“Jazz is Freedom."

Schools Presentation: What is Jazz to you? Story of South African Jazz Schools Education Presentation is an audio visual and narrative presentation compiled, written and prepared by Struan Douglas for schools presentations in 2020 and beyond. It features Powerpoint presentation, Narration and Playlist. The presentation is unique to the author Struan Douglas and is delivered as a coherent synthesis of the visual, intellectual and audio, augmented with personal anecdotes, stories and improvised explanations of concepts and ideas were necessary. The presentation includes a detailed hand-out including The Archival Approach; Mentorship Approach; South African Jazz timeline; Jazz and Protest; Development of urban jazz; Important name late and living; Inclusive approach; SA Jazz music language, and the meeting of the fourth industrial revolution and the fifth dimension of co-creation.

South African Jazz fits into the International Examination Board Syllabus and Curriculum Assessment Policy< Including topics such as ross-over music, Kwaito, SA protest music, Afrikaans protest song, SA rock, SA Urban music (instrumentation, improvisation, rhythm, melody and harmony, marabi progression, characteristics, leading artists, and the socio-political context); Ingoma ebusuku styles including mbube and isicathamiya, early jazz including marabi, vocal jive jazz, kwela, jazz and mbaqanga. And, a coherent synthesis on music rights and all seven aspects of the music industry.
Struan Douglas is author of Story of South African Jazz and has Bachelor of Social Science honours in Philosophy and Religion. Has Royals Schools of Music qualification in music theory and trumpet performance. And is a freelance journalist.

Schools that have participated to date:
KwaZulu Natal: Michaelhouse, St Johns Girls, PMB Girls High and St Annes.
Johannesburg: Kingsmead College presentation takes place 23.06.20 For school bookings contact struan@afribeat.com/p>