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Music author's earn from the intellectual propert of their works for two crucial reasons. To assist music authors in creating new works and living off their profession. And to allow future generations to continue thae cycle of co-creation.

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Repatriation Project

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The first artist we seek to protect assist and bring relief to is South African Musical Icon Madala "Bafo" Kunene. Madala has lived through apartheid and the New South Africa. He has recorded 14 albums, travelled to almost every continent in the world and recorded grammmy award winning sound-tracks. His music is easily available across all digital platforms and is actively monetised across streaming. Yet Madala is not at all happy with the funds he receives from the aggregators and collective agencies. As a prolific composer with over 100 unique compositions and some hits, Madala has not yet received his just reward from the music rights network. It is our goal to assist him through cataloguing, registering and investigating.