Khoi Khoilektiv

A gathering of friends. This is what they said at the third of the afribeat interactive live interviews leading up to their live recording at the wondergigs.

V Monica B

I am a goema princess. I am here for my people and it is an honour to do this for my people in my music. If you are familiar with the ‘songs of my people’, my grandfather is the biggest inspiration into this career since I was six years old. I am married to one of the most stubborn men in the world. I have got a little boy who is 4 years. His name is Nica but I call him junior. And then there is Mikaela my daughter. She is two years and a couple of months and I am here.”

Loit Sols:

I am a goema poet. I am just an artist that wants to do the best that an artist can be. There are many reasons why I am here. The main thing is to round things up in terms of living in the city.

Jethro Louw:

I live in Kuils River and it is quite a settlement. I am with Robbie. He is not at the moment here. We form the Khoi Khoinextion. It all started for me in the 80’s with the poetry and the love of watching these guys perform on the street and they would come into town every Saturday. I have been heavily influenced by people like Loit. My work comes out of the area where I stay because it is the stories like she said, the ‘songs of my people’ and I would say the ‘stories of my people’. We represent our story; story of the people of the flats.

Music from the Wondergigs

The Moment in Cape Town is a compilation of music recordings recorded live at the wondergigs : 2002.