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The music research and writing of Struan Douglas informs a journey into the inter-relationship between music and personal and community development. An inculsive approach to know-how combines festivals, venues, education, collaboration, business, live performance, recording, history and fulfilment of potential. Douglas is the author, editor and publisher of several books including; Shadows of Justice, Airborne to Africa, The New South Africa and the friends around her, The Story of SA Jazz, Volume' s 1 – 3 and To the Peace on Earth. Album releases include Moment in Cape Town, Goema Captains of Cape Town, Archive Africa and the afribeat compilation.

Story of SA Jazz
Storyr of SA Jazz
Shadows of Justice

'history from the other side'

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Adam Knight

Adam Knight : poet, philosopher, architect.
Cryptic Cynic
Happy Landings on Spaceship Earth