Music of the Post Apartheid Era

Presentation based on the book, "To the Peace on Earth."

“Melt2000 projects harnessed and promoted energy and a spirit of activism and thoughtfulness. It was never in an overt political social way, it was simply in the spirit of doing, creating and making magic. It became the documentation heritage of post-apartheid music. People were coming together and ?nding their truth beyond race. ”
"The events take place in South Africa, in a post-democracy climate of change. The struggles that had taken place below ground are suddenly above ground. South Africa at the time was so beautiful and enticing."

"The music danced playfully, travelling into the busy microcosm of the inner body, nursing, restoring and charging the inner organs with frequencies of heavenly harmony delivered with unconditional love. The music put the mind to rest, bringing absolute joy through its strong sense of purpose and power. The music was a meditation of pure love.”

“Bad spirit can be projected through emotions such as jealousy, hatred and meanness. When it attaches to its victim, bad spirit hooks into the energy field and brings the person down. Bad spirit is invisible, it does not have a physical body. But it has a mental and emotional body and attaches to the mental and emotional body of its victim. Invisible astral beings, referred to by the Rastafari as duppy's and Greeks as archons, can plug into the invisible mental and emotional bodies of the human being and suck them dry.”

Zoe Molelekwa wrote: “Let go of what you're holding onto if it isn't building your character, for the better. Take care of yourself, take care of your body and your mind, nurture them so that they may be able to carry you through the High times and the Low, as we each journey forth towards our dreams. I wish you well on your journey to happiness and finding peace within yourself. Stay strong and pat yourself on the back. Don't forget how you thought it would never get better.”


"In the spirit of doing, creating and making magic, this catalogue became the documentation heritage of post-apartheid music."

Madosini; Down Rocky Street, Moses Molelekwa; Spirits of Tembisa, Moses; Shrine Dance Brice Wassy; Genes and Sprits, Bo Molelekwa, Darkness Pass, Moses Molelekwa; New Offerings, Moses Molelekwa, Infidel. Ohm Mahlangane Doc; Ubuntu Sipho Gumede, Claps and Bows Sanscapes, Alien Soap Opera; Masters of the Universe Shango, Alien Soap Opera, Banda Cultural, Airto Moreira; Teiko Pete Lockett, Djemba Aman Amampondo, Voodoo Julie Sanscapes; Infinite Boris, Irakere Souti Soulei, Cow Song Madamax; Yehlisan Busi; washy washa, ubombo remix Madala Kunene; 700 years Airto Moreira, Another Cheek Square Window; Be there, Galiano Remix; Flute Solaris; Open Your Eyes Square Window; Heart of Darkness, Ohm; Madosini Transkei Recordings; State of Emergency Amampondo, Yise Wabantu Madosini; Uxolo Skeleton
Talk becomes a mantra, Square Window; Isigqokosami, Robert Doc Mthalane; Nontokzai, Roots and Ancestors, Jaw Harp Madosini Field Recordings; Madiba Mabi Thobejane ; Kadachymy Boris Salchak; Communion Airto Moreira; Sone Siyamangala Busi Mhlongo; God my father Sipho Gumede, Nquo Nqo Madala, Dance of the Chief Brice Wassy; Alien Soap Opera, Burly Brawl Mabi Thobejane
Conga Fury Mabi; Mountain Shade, Darkness Pass 2 Moses Molelekwa; Kon'ko Man, Madala Kunene; Umunutu ‘nyama Skeleton; Ntjilo Ntjilo Amampondo; Nozimanga Madosini remix; Introduction Sanscapes, Golan Ricky Olombelo; Milisa, Bafo Bafo; Amagoduka Jazzin Universal; Kind of Mabi; Mfaz Onga Busi Mhlongo; Gone Forever Madosini Remix; Unidentifed, Zim Ngqawana; Darkness Pass 1 Moses Molelekwa; Vuyani Amampondo; Lekker Lekker Sanscapes Africa Amampondo, Bulenga Village Brice Wassy, City Sushi Man Airto Moreira; Kalbadevi Rd Deepak Ram; ho ho ho Amampondo, wa mpone Moses Molelekwa

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