Archives of recorded SA Jazz and overviews of the development of SA Jazz. A living and dynamic resource that is made permanently available to education. A vast land united from ancient times hosts many different people and many different musical flavours. This resaerch, interviews, comments, anecdotes and collections cover the length and breadth of everything from Malombo Jazz to Xhosa Africa Cape Jazz to Sophiatown Shuffle, Mbaqanga Jazz etc. But it is all jazz, and South African Jazzbecause jazz menas freedom. And freedom is expressed through uBuntu and the friendships formed all over the world for this music.

From the main cities of Southern Africa, from coast to coast, to the rural areas and hinterlands - the musical soud vibration was a big mix up bonded by a spirit of togetherness and self actualisation. These works find their home in mentorship, education, libraries and all music rooms giving service is because reading and learning is the composer for our education system.The music learnings on offer are holistic and include general knowledge and technique on the improvisational quality of the music and the spiritual knowledge of the power of the present moment. Music whispers to us truths that lead us to beauty ... For the fruits to be tender and sweet, the roots are watered with love and joy.

Drawing on the lived experience and oral history of many masterful South African heroes, Archive Africa provides the longevity through a foundation for Africa, education and the unified source of music. South African jazz is a unique and all inclusive channel to freedom, easily accessible to all cultural centres, particularly in Kwa Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Mozambique and Gauteng, but not limited too. The selections include Commentaries, Tributes, Interviews, Photographs, articles, video ,live recordings, books, tutirials, training modules, sheet music, research and testimonies. With an independent directory of resources available online with hard copy data disks backed up in 4 university centres of music learning, Archive Africa provides an open source to open the minds and hearts of all researchers in the fields of music, arts activism, and liberation.

Live Audio Visual archive for the Story of South African Jazz Reource

It is important to note there are other existing archives that have built up some fantastic matetrial of old archive footage from era's before our birth as well as an ever evolving archive. It is important to build these networks and share our resources as best as possible to develop a coherent knowledge foundation of South Africa's arts culture and heritage landscape. The Story of South African Jazz Archive is engaged with ILAM (International Library of African Music) for a long-term and accessible sylabbus based resource.

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