Music: Free-learning ATTUNEMENT

From the early beginnings of our urban music, through the nuances, improvisation and inspiration that makes us unique all the way into the epicentre of the South African music industry, season one offers scholars, teachers and enthusiasts the tools to begin to feel the music of this country.

Music: Free-learning ASSIMILATION

Season Two is in development preparing to dig deeper into the length and breadth of this beautiful authentic diverse and highly informed South African music. In season two of this interactive education project, the audience continues to meet, engage ad learn from some of the finest ideas and voices of South African music.

Film Portal

Pan African Film Knowledge Portal

Sausage Films enters a market celebrated by the achievements of a legion of great film makers.

SA Jazz

Story of South African Jazz LIVE

The Story of South African LIVE presents a collaborative musical interpretation of all aspects of South Africa's jazz history, as based on the three volume book series Story of South African Jazz. A timeline of 5 rays with access to both ancient and future.

Samora Machel

Samora Machel

Series in Development: Samora’s murder is an international political, business and intelligence forces conspiracy to snatch the wealth of Mozambique, viz coal, wide Indian Ocean coastline and harbours, off-shore gas deposits, away from Russia, to S.A., USA, British, Italian, Brazilian business

Steve Biko

Biko Days: TV Drama

From the Durban Days to and his untimely death the story of South African freedom fighter Stephen Biko awaits to be told.