This is a fun space All the formality is over and now you play! The future is dazzling. You are the future. And this is your opportunity to show us how bright it is. In this final assignment you are encouraged to make a video of your own based on the inspiration and learning you have gained.

1. Think about everything you have learnt. Did you answer all the modules? Do you have a list of notes or multi-media material to draw on. Keep this all safe and well archived as it can be used as a foundation for your final assessment.

2. Now, Put your consciousness into action by preparing a basic script for a short video describing your inspiration and what you have to offer.

3. Add the unique elements of your individuality, style, offering and purpose so this video is unquestionably you.

4. And let this video show us how you are going to move forward with music in a positive way and how this is your creativity and your inspiration for the future made manifest.

Publish your content online and help others through your learning.

Remember to share across all social media platforms and tag us with the handles beneath.

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