Music Free Learning : innovative and digital solutions for tomorrow’s music

Music Free-Learning is a unique and multi-media digital solution for a win win solution to the current circumstances of the South African music industry.

Music Free-learning collaborates with established and trusted musicians to present an innovative education solution through live performance and presentation recorded an packaged as multi-media educational modules (written, audio and visual).

Music Free Learning Season Two will be recorded and filmed live in front of an audience during international jazz month from Sunday 18th - 25th of April 2021.

Recording and Release : Music Free Learning Season Two Assimiliation will be released in June 2021 as a video on demand series with pre-task and post-task learning worksheets. for each video and a final assignment.

Music Free Learning and a vision for sustainability

The partnership approach

Music Free Learning Season One (Attunement) was produced with support of DSAC in the middle of the lockdown and provided successful support for musicians, educators and students. The finished modules are freely available

Music Free Learning Season Two (Assimilation) is being produced gratefully with the financial support of the DSAC PESP project administered by NAC and NFVF.

Season Two (Assimilation) has gratefully received in-kind support from Old Mutual AMPD studios for the studio hosting recording and filming of the education episodes.

An arrow to the bow of the musician

A primary intention of Music Free-learning is to alleviate musicians loss of revenue from live performance by promoting their endeavours in the educational space;

Music Free Learing is proposed as an innovative and sustainable solution in the arts sector by offering longer term solutions for musicians through the multi-media and education spaces. The long-term vision is empowering musicians with a teaching string to their earning potential thereby creating a multiplier effect for music careers and music education.

Presenters will be provided with the resources to further their endeavours in teaching including the archive of video sessions, the live audio recordings of the session, the written worksheets for their students and longer term access to the AMPD studios to further this creative project.

All presenters are facillitated in the opening of an old mutual Money Account as this qualifies them for the free studio time and other supportive infrastructure at AMPD studios.

Occupational therapy and inspiration for Music Students

By creating a permanent platform for curriculum based learning materials, students are given improved access to vocational and occupational therapy.

The music free learning modules are intended to inspirational and interactive learning material to help overcome the isolation of self-learning.

Students will have access to learning crucial aspects of the general knowledge syllabus of both IEB and CAP; Online technology of video learning and feedback on demand; Collaborative online skills through a peer-to-peer platform and a platform to develop their creative skills.

In short the future generation are given the skills to work towards building a sustainable career in the music industry.

All Music Free-learning episodes are scripted, performed, presented, filmed and edited in an effective manner. The material is packaged and released in an accessible VOD (Video on Demand) and free worksheet download format.

Filling the gap in quality music education material

The online resource allows the educational material to meet the multiple needs of accessibility through through internet, website and email, social media and cellphone data, as well as delivery by hard copy.

Partnerships with schools, educators, institutions, business and outreach builds the longer term foundation to meet the challenges of accessibility.

By fulfilling music educators with their fore-most requirement – free curriculum based education material – more access is created for students and future generation learners.

Educators are provided freely with the music free learning archive of resources. This is both a valuable knowledge base of South African music and musicians and teaching resource. Audience Development through live and interactive performance.

An audience develops through action, participation, engagement and appreciation through knowledge sharing. By making the presentations in studio live and interactive learners, educators as well as practitioners will access aspects of the true history, and role-models of South Africa’s real music story hopefully impacting one and all in the direction of defining their own role in this never-ending story.

The Multi-media approach

1. Sound and Studio
2. Camera and Filming
3. Written work
3.1 A pre-publicity article
3.2 Event interview research and questions
3.3 Post event article
3.4 Task based Education Module and worksheet
4. Video Production
4.1 Formatting, compatibility and archiving of footage
4.2 Audio master and synching of footage
4.3 Editing for a 5-7 minute video release - “free online”
5. Outcomes:
5.1 Syndication
5.1.1 Pre-publicity portal for poster, flyers, event invitation and competition
5.1.2 Audio Podcast of songs and interview recorded
5.1.3 Post Interview Article
5.1.4 Edited video of interview and performance
5.2 Education
5.2.1 Workshop Live
5.2.2 Workshop virtual
5.2.3 Video On Demand Education Material
5.2.4 Education packages for schools libraries and community centres

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Testimonials: Season 2 Assimilation Recorded LIVE @ AMPD APril 2021