Quality Free Education premised on digital innovation offering task-based learning, supported by published video tutorials and textbooks. Participants may utilise the 21 tutorials ad modules from season 1 – 3 for many different aspects of SA music syllabus grades 10 -12, from the inspiration to create songs to narratives on S.A approaches to making music, on the history, heritage and spirituality.

21 unique syllabus based learning modules created by the best in South African music with a focus on capacity building relevant to strong professional and career advancement for a world class South African music industry of the future. Attunement brings a focus on song-writing, African jazz and blues styles, Rhythm Workshops, Spirituality and Freedom in music . A sharing of the very tools of capacity building in music, self-expression and sustainable practice with a focus on personal development, jazz, poetry, soul, spiritualty, studio work and festival direction. Learning modules broadening the approach to music genres and catering from afro-pop to traditional music, maskandi and reggae. Afrika Year teachings emphasize practicing humility, respecting the audience, taking your business seriously and appreciating indigenous music. Full workbooks order here

The Music Free Learning Philosophy

• Addressing the gap in quality Afrocentric music education for school-goers Grades 10 – 12 through participative coursework and free online tutorials.

• Providing resources for community centres and academies, and students bridging to tertiary education

• Solutions for unemployed youth and the tools to develop a career growth path.

• Providing long-term solutions in mentorship for the development of stronger mindset and skillset that will equip the youth and upcoming artists with lifetime growth and knowledge.

• Working together to assist our future generations to be better artists and human beings.

• Sustainable solution in the arts sector for authentic and sustainable growth for musicians, students and teachers alike through bringing the creative process into the centre of education and self-development.

• Creating long-term economic growth in the key education and performance areas of the creative economy.

• Growing the impact of live performance, music practice and indigenous knowledge systems, through audio-visual mentorship and workshops.

• Creating a permanent database, archive and network for curriculum based learning materials for indigenous South African music and heritage.

• Building mentorship and teacher training opportunities for professional artists that can boost their career and help alleviate loss of revenue during lockdown.

• Address historical issues and problems in education caused by the design of a system that we have been living under since the apartheid era.

Paying it forward

As a sustainable solution in music education for authentic career growth for musicians and quality free resources for students and educators alike, Music Free Learning is a mutually beneficial platform for all involved. As business, government, corporations, and compassionate individuals there is opportunity to assist providing Music Free-Learning coursework to the South African students who need it in schools, community centres, community arts projects, and interest groups. Together we can make a powerful impact to ensure every artistic child receives education, mentorship and incubation.

How to get involved

Register for workshops, apply for mentorship, join the database, access the coursework, volunteer on the programme and/or join this movement to holistic long-term South African music cultural development for the sustainable growth of our future creatives, leaders and empowered humanity.