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ESTABLISHED 01.04.2000 as a network of authentic African musicians, griots and sonic warriors and healers. A sharing of the spirit, soul and sunny side of Southern African music. An inter-generational, international Pan African initiative for festivity, entertainment and the creative economy.

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Brought to you by Struan Douglas, writer and musician, Social Science Honours in Philosophy and Religion and RSM music theory and practice.

Connect is active in Cape Town, Durban, Maputo and Johannesburg with strong links on the continent and around the world.

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Struan Douglas


About Struan Douglas

Struan Douglas has contributed columns to Sawubona, Big Issue and Downbeat. He has contributed writing and photography to Sunday, Saturday, African Independent, Mail & Guardian, Expressions, Cape Times, City Press, Sunday World, Biophile, Mini International, Skylife, GQ, Highlife, Pacific, Business Day, Sunday Times, Noseweek, Destinations, New Frame, City Life Arts, Billboard and New Africa Magazine. Struan Douglas has contributed to cultural activism through journalism on projects including ‘Dancing with the Diaspora’ presented as a Pan African festival circuit WOMEX (2000 - ), Music goes to War FESPAM Congo Brazzaville (2001), Jazz in Germany Foreign Office Visitors Programme (2017) and Pan African Music Rights Investigation (2018 - current).

He is the author books including Shadows of Justice (2007), The Story of South African Jazz. Volume One (2015), To the Peace on Earth (2019), The Story of South African Jazz. Volume Two (2019) and Holy Hurixuaxa (2020). He has contributed to eth design, layout, self publishing and photography of many books including Airborne to Africa (2012), Cryptic Cynic (2007), The New South Africa and the friends around her (2012), African Midwife Series (2012), Pleiades Isilimela (2019).

Struan Douglas has produced music albums including Afribeat Compilation (2000), Archive Africa (2001), Moment in Cape Town (2002), Goema Captains of Cape Town (2003). Produced music events: Wondergigs (2001-2), The Story of South African Jazz: LIVE (2015 - current) and performed live with groups including Shine (2015 - ) Steel ‘n Brass (2018 - ) Azuri Street Symphony (2018 -). He is the co-director of Sausage Film Company.

Career Highlights

Struan Douglas was mentored by the Pan African cultural change maker and fighter pilot Jim Bailey. was born in imitation of Jim Bailey's contribution through the Drum Magazine and continues to provide a portal for authentic Pan african cultural innovation and creativity. The creation and publishing of authentic Pan-African content acts as both a skills hub inspiring and educating creatives to maximise their potential through skills and know how and educating future generations.

Book Publishing90%
Music Production80%
Music Rights75%
Book Editting75%
Website Design80%

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