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The Story of South African Jazz book series : Volume One out now ... Volume Two set for launch in September 2019 thanks to a grant from ANFASA : Additional fund-raiisng will occur for a multi-media launch :

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Personal Growth transformation and the sharing power of uBuntu have triggered a new flow of written works. Towards the Peace on Earth tells the story of Ananda , MELT 2000 and the rise of the divine feminine within. First published 2016 : next book will present corresponding correspondenece between two old pal's regarding the Cape of Goema Storms. Expect it early next year : Thank you for everyone for their interest and support and their groundswell of creative
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Jim Bailey, CBE, Drum & African Independence
“Few white people did more to help create the New South Africa.”

live interactive knowledge resource : mission statement : Music embodies the power of the now and the spirit of ubuntu, In Africa it is music that stopped the war in Casamans and it is music that stopped the spread of disease in Senegal. Music is one of our most powerful weapons toward ourselves and a vision of ourselves as sharing, peaceful beings of ‘higher' intent. And music is blessed mostly by the support it receives to get instruments to those that require, rehearsal spaces, performances spaces and collaborative learning experiences all the way round. Networks of families, friends, organisations and governing bodies sharing in the joy and laughter that music inevitably creates through funding and support is helping us all express the beautiful music within.
Thank you to various South African MUSIC RIGHTS AND CULTURAL POLICY independents practitioners and organisations we have launched a basic foundation to expand the PAN AFRICAN knowledge of copyright in music particularly.
Research link : build towards an artists interactive and knowledge basis